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Name: Tomas D

Email:  durcekt@live.ca

CityStateCountry: Toronto Canada

Birthdate: 1990

Eye/Hair Color: Green/Black

HeightWeight: 5'10, 175 lbs

Model's On-Line Portfolio

Presenting Tom as our  Feauture Model Summer 2010.  Tom was born in the beautiful country of Czech Republic, but moved to Toronto Canada at the age of eight.

Tom is of mixed heritage that gives him that awesome look, his eyes tells a story and his smile is welcoming to everyone who sees him.

The spirit of openess have come to Czech Republic as they intregate with the European Union. He said theres still alot of work to be done for the flight of Czech Gypsies in regards to discrimination, racism & human rights.  He said life in Canada is more accepting, everyone is accepted regardless of race, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

He likes the cosmopolitan Toronto where you can find different mosaic of neighborhoods with difference sense of culture, style and its own fashion.

Tom likes people who are outgoing, artistic & have sense of style, he dislikes arrogance and people to who tryto put him down. Aside from his dear sister, he admires her mother the most, he loves her home made cooking.

Tom is always dressed up for any occasions and adapt all sorts of style.  His favorite brands are Louis Vitton, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and last but not the least, his fav ZARA.   

When going out, he treat it like a fashion show, he dressed to impress no matter where he goes.

His aspirations of course is break into modeling, he knows its a very competitive field out there. But aside from Fashion, He loves all types of music especially R&B, HipHop & Rap.

 He wants to be a famous rapper. He wants to make a mark in this world.  Tom is stil young and have lots of potential, lets wish Tom the best on his endeavor.

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