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Name: Tal Lee

Email: grandmasteroftime@hotmail.com

CityStateCountry: Corona/CA/USA

Birthdate: 10/1981

EyeHair Color: Violet/Black

HeightWeight: 6'0"/176lb

Model's On-Line Portfolio



Preseinting Tall Lee from Corona California USA.  

He started in the banking industries but because of his exotic look, he end up pursuing a modeling career.

He was in the Valentino line up in 2006 for the AAMFEX Fashion show.

He suffered few setbacks & tribulations after that but quickly recover.

As the expression goes "When it rains it pours" ... For reference JC Penny is his biggest client and large in part doing so well because of their resurgence to keep using him.  He also found out that they keep using him because when He wear their clothes it has a tendency to sell out more.  

Because of his luck and of course his exotic look. He end up getting rebooked with clients such as Old Navy Macy's, Lucky Jeans, and Nike.  

He  eventually follow up his Cancun trip with a trip to Barcelona for Nike.  They worked him to the grave, maybe that's why they liked him so much.  

He manage to book a third international flight to Thailand where He work a job for Four Seasons hotel.  As far as places to live he have lived in 4 different places in 2007.  

"...As far as 2008 looks I believe I will be moving again hopefully this will be the last move for a while, crossing my fingers.  It looks though like I will have the opportunity to travel again this year but I don't think I will get to go to so many different foreign places to shoot, this year was pretty damn good for 8 months.  

Already I'm hoping to go to Miami for Jan and possibly February, if I do it will hopefully help ensure that I can beat last years totals as I would be shooting with JC Penny 2-3 days per week..."


Client Recap:
JC Penny
Old Navy
Range Rover
Lucky Jeans
Four Seasons Hotel
Anchor Blue

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