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Name: Steve L.

Email: estebanbdg@hotmail.com

CityStateCountry: Toronto/Canada

Birthdate: 02/1983

EyeHair Color: Blue eyes/Brown hair

HeightWeight: 5'10''/160

Model's On-Line Portfolio

Presenting Steve L. from St. Prosper,Quebec, Canada. He now calls Toronto
his home after graduating from Univeristy of Toronto as an
Archaeologist. Aside from fluent French & English, Steve studied
Spanish, Latin, Arabic, Ancient Greek & Egyptian Hieroglyphs as
part of his curiculum.

Steve is very outgoing & loves to meet different kind of people. The
first thing you see with him is he always flash a smile, he said
that you get more attention if you look happy.

Aside from clubbing & going to the movies, etc.. Steve loves
martial arts, he was an ex-member of the Budo Dai Gaku. He started
training again to become an elite once more.

Steve loves different kinds of clothing, from preppy to casual
to alternative, he carry himself very well with different look & style.

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