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fashion forward 2014

Welcome to 2014, We can't believe we come a long way, its our 14th year of our site, althought its not as big when it first started, we still manage to feature few upcoming members.

We face a lot of challenges over the years, we had our good years, when we used to hold contest in our site.  We have ups and downs; but the best thing is to help members achieve their goals not just personal goals but a lifetime commitment to be a better person.

Fashion trends always starts with you--the normal average guys in the streets, it becomes viral when a designer adapts it and bring it to the rest of the world.  Fashion trends spreads like a speeding bullet with the help of the social media: facebook, twitter, pininterest, instagram--it all makes the difference.

Thank you all for the supporting the site for over the years, without you members and readers we won't be here.


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  Are you a struggling male model trying to get a break?  Are you trying to find a modeling agencies to represent you?  

Try a different route, submit your portfolio to us and be the reature model. Then use your gallery here to scout for agency in your area by giving the URL, its a different way to go !  

Give it a try and its free & you never know who will discover you !

For those of you have 5 or more high quality portfolio to show; who wants to break into modeling.  It will include your "vital statistics" & text about yourself.

Similar to the above, except more high quality photos to display; it will include all those basic "vital statistics" & more information about yourself & your professional work that you have done in the past.

 Ideal for "freelance professional model" who is looking for modeling agencies to represent them.     


A Casting Agency has an important role in the entertainment industry.  It is helpful to any aspiring actor or model to understand the role of a casting agent.

A Casting Director works on behalf of the Production Company (client) - the Producer, Director, etc. - who are producing the film/show/video/event etc.

 The Casting Director (or Casting Agent) is not to be confused with a Talent Agent, who works on behalf of individual Talent (actors, models, etc.) The Casting Agency is sent a breakdown of what the clients are looking for. Breakdowns often are very specific and state the age range, gender, and type they are looking for.  

The Casting Director's job is to locate the best possible people, who fit the criteria they are looking for.  This breakdown is then sent out to Agents, who intern selects their own talent who they believe fits this breakdown.

 The auditions are then taped and then sent to the clients. The client selects who gets the job, not the casting director.  Casting for most principal (speaking) roles, are with talent who have an agent.  So cutting out the agent, and going straight to a Casting Agency is not a productive route to go.  If you have a Talent Agent, you will have more opportunities to audition.  You could register with the Casting Agency, and I recommend you do if you're starting out.

Ever wonder how that model on the cover of Vogue looks so good. Does it ever come to mind that maybe the picture of the model makes all the difference?

The truth is, the picture is the winning ticket that will give that model all the success he or she dreams of.

 It would only make sense to make every photo shoot count, you never know when it will be the one to launch your career.

I have personally found that your photos will not look good, no matter what you do, unless you yourself are enjoying them. You will fail to have a successful photo shoot if you not in the "mood" to do it.

As most of you know however, you can not usually pick when you are in the "mood" to do this, because an opportunity for a photo shoot could be few and far between.

I've found it easier to not look directly in the camera, looking just slightly over or to the side, could make a world of difference.

Be Don't be too serious. Yes you should take this serious, but this is not life and death.

Try new things, you would be surprised, the weirdest pose might be the best one! B Most importantly, have fun! Modeling is fun, it is a career, not a job, careers are fun!!!


 To tell you the truth, there is no magic formula to break into the Modeling World.  If you look carefully, the trend now are models with diverse facial features & body build.   Although they still looked for the perfect symetrical faces & body build, you can still make it in the modeling world--if your able to stand out  from the rest of the crowd.

 Alot of male models these days have a "diverse and/or unusual look , a good example is the Calvin Klien model Joel West--with his prominent forehead; Tyson with his Black Chinese Jamacian features; also..  alot of guys that got that " 70s look"  are heading down the  fashion runaway.

But keep in mind, in order to break into modeling, you have to make yourself stand out from the crowds, making your look "unique & interesting" would helped alot.  You have to keep your body toned & work out in they gym,  The ideal body type for models is actually a swimmers build with nice pecs & abs, remember, the bigger is not always better.      
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