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Email: clubstud68@yahoo.com

CityStateCountry: Groves/TX/USA

Birthdate: 03/1985

EyeHair Color: brown/brown

HeightWeight: 6''1/160lbs.

Model's On-Line Portfolio

Presenting Gray LeBlanc from Arthur Texas. He is one of our successful male model up to date.  

Out of thousand of candidates for the Angie Dickinson Modeling Contest, he made into the top 20; that was an amazing feat for this young guy from Texas.

Lets hear Gary on his own words:

Well let's see, for starters I'm 6'2, 160 lbs., brown hair and eyes, nice build, and am 21 yrs. old. I am very ambitious and goal-oriented and have a way of getting what I want :) I've been single now for 5 years, gah I know that sounds crazy but there are seriously NO hott people around here that have the total package I'm looking for.

I'm not the kind of person who wants a relationship just to be in one. I hear so many horror stories it seems from couples I know that I'd really rather be single until I found that right person...but I know that whenever the right person comes along they're truly gonna get the best I have to offer.

I live in a REALLY small town which sucks to have when you have big dreams and narrow minded parents.

I aspire to become one of the most elite top high fashion male models in existence. As soon as I graduate I plan to move to NY, model of course, dabble into photography, and then open a modeling agency :)

I knew I always wanted to stay in the business and this sounds absolutely perfect to me. Why do people decide on a career that they're not sure they even want to really do the next day, ugh. I've been delayed a bit for the past few years - seems like when one break finally comes another obstacle is looming ready to pounce.

I can't wait until I catch my big break making it to New York. I have the confidence to know I can make it big and plan on it with all my heart.

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