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Name: Alexander D Vargas

Email: dissanav@yahoo.com

CityStateCountry: Bell/California/U.S.A.

Birthdate: 01/1989

EyeHair Color: Gray/Black hair

HeightWeight: 6'1/161

Website: www.myspace.com/dissanav

Model's On-Line Portfolio

Presenting Alexander Vargas from Bell Califronia USA.  in his own words.

I'm always on the go, working, school, cheer, modeling,  friends. I'm doing something somewhere, life is too short to be stagnant.

 I surround myself with positive people who think for themselves and  bring something positive into my life. I can't stand drama, or people  who encourage chaos.

I love going out, and being in large social
 environments, so big cities, clubs, and bars are very entertaining to me...but  of course I do like my quiet times or alone times.

 I think of myself as  a very deep and conscious thinker, bringing rationalism, and
 forethought to all of my critical decisions.

I'm an optimistic person but I am  str8 forward n tend not to lie for the most part. I do incorporate humor  in my life as much as I can, very sarcastic and blunt humor I might

My profile kinda tells a lot about me and the person I am. Laughing  is how I get through life, there can never be enough humor. I'm living  in the city of Bell, it's boring but I travel and get out of here  as much as I can.

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